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CEO Valeri Bocage was on KIVA Blog Talk Radio 3/23/11 talking about how and why PWI got started.

Valeri Bocage speaking to NetIP, The Network of Indian Professionals, at Google Headquarters, May 19, 2011

Valeri on 21 CBS Radio Affiliates on International Women's Day, 3/8/2011

Watch Valeri on ABC7 News

Listen to Valeri being interviewed on CoachBettyLIVE

Valeri Bocage makes front page news of Kenya paper The Standard.

Listen to Valeri being interviewed on eMedia.

Watch the video of Valeri and Cheryl being interviewed on "Insight" with Ethel Love.

Read the article that Bay Area BusinessWoman Magazine wrote about Valeri Bocage, CEO of Powerful Women International.

• Powerful Women International has been awarded a Certificate of Congressional Recognition. Read more

OUR MISSION is to empower women to live their dreams.

OUR VISION is to be a global leader for empowering women to live their dreams beyond expectancy and, in turn, these women change the world, creating prosperous families and communities worldwide.


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What Our Members are Saying About PWI
"PWI has enabled me to expand my work and keep going to provide for my orphanage in Durbin, South Africa and to help other orphanages in Mexico.  I am on my way to building a home for families whose children are awaiting a transplant.  PWI keeps me on my path.
"  -- Ella Waldrup, Houston

"Because of PWI, I can see now that I can fulfill my passion for peace with a dream that has become a goal to work for the United Nations, ultimately as the first woman Secretary General."  -- Jill Dubrueil, New York

"I had given up on my childhood dream to become an astronaut.  Because of PWI, I am now living my dream and have become an astronaut.  Now, I want to start a math and sciences school for girls so they will be encouraged to go for their dreams in the science field."
--Cathy Culver
, San Francisco

Powerful Women International is a dynamic force for women looking to get to the next level of their lives. Assisting and providing support for business and professional women is critical, if we are to break the glass ceiling.  --Barbara Lee, Congresswoman Oakland, CA



I have to tell you this is a great experience! I am finally doing what I want with my acting career with the inspiration and connections I got from PWI.

Linda Rose-McRoy, Poet & Actress, Santa Rosa, CA

Powerful Women International has my full support for what they are doing to help change women's lives.

Shelia Jackson Lee, Congresswoman, Houston, TX

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